Post graduate courses

Post graduate courses

CDM first post-graduate distance courses were organized in 1995-1996. Since then, CDM has been promoting new editions every year:

  • II level course in Museum Education. Theoretical aspects(1 year – 60 ECTS);
  • II level course in Advanced Studies in Museum Education(2 years – 120 ECTS).
II level course in Museum Education Theoretical aspects

(1 year – 60 ECTS)

Mostly online, represents the first year of the two-year course and allows the acquisition of the annual course certificate. Participants learn the theoretical foundations and the practical tools for analyzing museum visitors’ characteristics and needs. This kind of research focuses on the impact that museums have on visitors and opens the way to planning educational situations meeting the needs of the different audience categories.

Online activities are offered and organised into theoretical and multimedia learning units, self assessment and educational support from tutors.

II level course in Advanced Studies in Museum Education

(2 years – 120 ECTS)

The course is addressed to those interested in deepening museum education theoretical framework  and wish to employ educational research methods in such a context:  analyzing various categories of visitors’s needs, training on museum standards in education, according to the latest world research results in the field. The course guarantees an international dimension to all its initiatives. Renowned lecturers expert in museum education teach face to face classrooms (UCL, Loughborough Univ., Tate Modern, National Gallery – UK; Sorbonne – Fr; ICOM; Universidade Abierta – P; UNED, Murcia Univ. – SP; Smithsonian – USA).