Covid-19 Emergency

From the beginning of March 2020, the health emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19 imposed an immediate reorganization of the CDM (Center for Museum Studies) post graduate courses, especially as regards the teaching structure, which implied a greater increase in e-learning activities. The mobilization of the world of culture– in particular of the world of cultural heritage – encouraged the creation of specific teaching units aimed at understanding the current state of heritage institutions and at inventing possible strategies to most effective online fruition designing ad-hoc educational activities. 

Therefore, the Post graduate courses’ managing staff prepared a series of units focused on increasing relevant distance learning opportunities to facilitate up-to-date attendance of the educational path started in February.

A first step was taken to the readjustment of the e-learning platform normally used for distance learning. The virtual space hosts now a new section entirely devoted to “extra” activities designed to deal with the emergency.

A section has been reserved to the video-updates where students are  periodically informed about the development of the activities and how to proceed in the course accomplishment.

Another large section has been devoted to video-interviews with the legal representatives of companies working in the field of new technologies for the fruition of cultural heritage, museum services, and specialized publishing. The video contributions of experts represented a resource of primary importance, as they created new chances of interaction and cooperation between the students and field companies which were involved starting memorandums of understanding in view of internships envisaged by the educational programs of the courses.

Besides that, and above all, a new vision of the course was promoted thanks to the revision of contents and helped raising the awareness around the need to rethink the entire exhibition and museum fruition area as imposed by the ongoing pandemic.

Below a table describing the new teaching and learning offer